Welcome to Ravintola Sävellys

RAVINTOLA Sävellys prides itself on hospitality. We’re here to help at every moment for your comfortability and pleasure. Our restaurant is service driven, responsible, socially and locally connected and demonstrate a modern friendly attitude in everything we do.


Ravintola Sävellys contains the workers with more than 20 years of experience in restaurant and hospitality field. Our aim is to deliver our outstanding service, comfort and style where you need us. We are committed to building meaningful, personal relationships with guests and has a positive attitude to ensure the satisfaction of every guest.


Beyond the menu or the order list, we don’t compromise to serve you or cook the food as the custom demand of the customers. Ravintola Sävellys features solutions that are empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including the 100% guest satisfaction guarantee.


PLEASE feel free to share any feedback/comments/suggestions, etc. We are waiting every moment to cherish you with our warm environment and delightful food. We hope to hear from you.